One day in France after the government’ measures on the Coronavirus

Hello. I am in confined since one day. « The monday where all has start for the France. » But, I went go out yesterday because like a lot of French, I dont feel in danger. It’s wrong and stupid for my part. By doing so yesterday, I was selfish. I am so used to disaster series and movies and at not listen the governement that I acted stupidly.

Today, I stayed in my apartent. It’s long ! Very long. I work, I read, I chat with my sister. But, it’s very too long ! I think that it’s because I know that it will last a long time.

It’s the moment for me of work my book in progress, publish my novels in the sites, work my english langage and to prepare my diploma. My superiors want that we were available and reactive. Easy to say, but it is hard to concentrer and stay focus in this situation. I hope that I will get ther tomorrow.

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