Elite saeson 3, it’s over for the moment

Elite, this netflix-show is finished. With a real end for the characters. (Finaly some) This third season is the best of lot. Even if the plot is ridiculous. The caracters’ evolutions are almost perfect. Clara gets out of her father’s clutches and she understand finally that she cannot to save her mother because her mother want this life. His love with Samuel is heartrending because they love each. It’s the life. Even a sincere love is sometimes hard top keep.

Valerio (one of my favorite character) disappoints very much a lot while remaining himself. Finally, he goes back-up before the crash and he doing well. Good job, baby. Lucrecia, this character we love so much to hate at the beginning has the evolution the most important. She assumes, she takes her life in main. She is a true friend. (None of my friends would do as much as she did. They forget already my birthday) She is pretty. She is clever. One regret ? No romance with Rebecca ? Sad ! (It’s were in my head ?)

Samuel is a bit useless for that season. No evolution, no future, no introspection. Just Samuel without his family. (Nano is on the run, her mother with him and Christian ever is in a coma.) Ok. Samuel is a loser. Her girlfriend preferred his brother and she dead. The second betrayed him to save her family. The third sells drugs. His best friend is in a coma. His family is on the run. His examens are failled. Loser man ! I’m sorry, my cheer. Guzman, it’s a bit identical. It feel that the characters go back in fourth season. This explains the slow evolutions of the characters. Pity, it’s really to bad for them.

Ander and Omar (my babies) are very perfect in them actor’s plays. They’re fun, sads, tortured but Malick, the new muslim and gay character deserve very more construction works in psychological, writing and his place in the group. The story of Ander and Omar is not finished. I hope a best evolution for their future.

Nadia has the perfection evolution. (still one of my favorite character despite the controversy on the veil.) Nadia is the symbol for the balanced between family duty and personal achievement.

Cayetena, Yurai and Malick are useless. They are Characters No Played. Polo will finally assume his mistake. A bit late.

However, that TV show don’t have the logic and continent the worst policemen of the world. Corrupt, blind and stupid. They don’t know to conduct an investigation. the man guilty of background embezzlement, the drug trafficking houses, one killer, two killers, concealment of evidence, pretending to be dead, selling drugs, risky behavior, harassment … The police in spain seem very cool. She never dont stop personne.

My opinion ? A series to see when you are bored, with good characters but which will be quickly forgotten.

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